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Not really had time to populate this page just yet. Although I'm currently noodling around with the raspberry pi and some electronics so watch this space.

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Puzzle Ocelot

Helen wrote such a fiendish set of quiz questions I thought they needed sharing with the word, so I put together this simple php driven site for her. Puzzle Ocelot.

Karate Website

Another work in progress is my Karate clubs website - check it out here


Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a USD$25 credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. In addition to being a perfect platform for running XBMC I am currently using it's GPIO ports to play around with some electronics. See below for details.

DS18B20 Dallas 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensors

A Python Script (running on a Raspberry Pi) takes a temperature reading from each sensor every minute and stores it in a mysql database on the LAMP server (also located on the same Raspberry Pi).
Javascript on a web page (see image below) calls php scripts on the server for updates at regular intervals. The form controls on the page can also be used to pull back specific data. This is all run locally on the home network so click on the image below for a larger screen grab. Could this be the first step towards home automation... watch this space;-)

Raspberry Pi

Helen's Dad

I managed to get a hold of the video for Helen's dad appearing on the bbc news. He is the guy blowing the whistle Railway article. It was basically an excuse to play around with embedding HTML5 video. Easily done... but four different formats to suit different browsers seems a bit steep!